Alex Caulfield, Megan Kingston and Patrick Guldan could be considered Columbus Crew experts when it comes to social media and advertising. Caulfield is the Senior Director of Communications; Kingston is the Manager of Advertising and Promotions; and Guldan is the Managing Editor of the Massive Report. In this day and age, you don't get titles like those by being in the dark on social media, especially when there are ten, if not more, twitter accounts dedicated only to the Crew. That's not even including the players and the list of fans who put their love of the Crew in their bio's! Twitter is becoming the new hub of sports information, soccer especially. Out of the top ten most followed teams, six are soccer teams. Even eight of the ten most followed athletes are soccer players according It's not just Twitter, though. Facebook even has a substancial influence with eight of the ten most liked teams being soccer clubs and five of the ten most liked players being soccer stars. Shocking? I think so. But, it just goes to show that soccer is on the social media radar. Unfortunately, none of those soccer teams or players were American and quite a few were British. So what are they doing that we aren't?
MLS Match Day App
Simple, soccer is their bread and butter. It's to them what football is to us.

Despite that though, Major League Soccer (MLS) has been doing an abundance of social media tricks to boost sales and bring soccer in the states out of its fallen ashes. From their #FirstKick contest to creating their own MLS Match Day App, MLS is doing everything they can with social media to bring attention back to the sport. They even partnered with FourSquare so people could check in for games at the local pubs or stadiums and earn rewards for watching the games. Personally, I had no idea MLS was doing all this, and not to say I hold any power or influence, but if I knew nothing about it, was it marketed well enough? 

I hope Mr. Caulfield, Ms. Kingston and Mr. Guldan can possibly shed some light on this. They may be small fish in the MLS pond, but I'm curious if individual clubs got in on the #FirstKick action or how the Match Day App helps them, if it does at all. Originally, I had just hoped to ask them about how they personally use social media when it comes to advertising for Columbus Crew, but, now, I wonder how they are affected by the social media efforts of MLS. 

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